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Nonlinear Mathematics and Its Applications

An EPSRC-funded Spring School for Postgraduate students in Applied Nonlinear Mathematics was held at the University of Surrey in April 1995. The Proceedings from this School has been published by Cambridge University Press with the title Nonlinear Mathematics and Its Applications . It is £15.95 in paperback or £45.00 in hardback.

The contents are as follows:

Global Dynamics of Driven Oscillators: Fractal Basins and Indeterminate Bifurcations
J.M.T. Thompson

An Introduction to the Mechanisms and Methods for the Detection of Chaos
S. Wiggins

Some Recent Developments in Nonlinear Elasticity and its Applications to Materials Science
J.M. Ball

Analysis of the 2d and 3d Navier-Stokes Equations
J.D. Gibbon

Organised Chaos in Fluid Dynamics
T. Mullin and J.J. Kobine

Weak and Strong Nonlinearity in Boundary Layer Transition
F.T. Smith

Recent Developments on Wave Instability
T.J. Bridges

Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems and the Grazing Bifurcation
C.J. Budd

Solid Tumour Growth: A Case Study in Mathematical Biology
B.D. Sleeman

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