Dr Janet Godolphin
Research Interests
Design and Analysis of Experiments

This is my main area of research. I am particularly interested in design selection for experiments involving blocking. In general the research is motivated by medical, horticultural and industrial problems.

Other areas of interest

Journals containing my papers include: Applied Statistics; Computational Statistics and Data Analysis; Quality and Reliability Engineering International; Utilitas Mathematica.
Please see my publications list.

Invited seminars have been given at several universities in the U.K. and my work has been presented at several international conferences.
Please see conference proceedings.

Rank Reducing Observation Sets
Several statistical researchers and practitioners have asked that an automatic program routine for the specification of rank reducing observation sets (see publications) be made generally available. At present I use a personal interactive program. However, I am cooperating with colleagues to produce a user-friendly version of this program to be placed here on the website.

Courses taught in the 2007-2008 academic year include, MS237 Mathematical Statistics, MS333 Statistical Methods for Business and Finance and MS343 Mathematics Education.