Pose Search

I'm a Professor in Computer Vision at Surrey's Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), the UK's largest academic research group for Multi-modal Signal Processing. (Bio)

My research fuses Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning to tackle Big Data problems in visual media, with particular emphasis on post-production in the creative industries and intelligent algorithms for searching and rendering large visual media repositories. I'm director of the UKRI/EPSRC funded DECaDE research centre exploring the intersection of Blockchain and AI technologies.

I'm the Course Director for MSc in Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning and the Deputy Director of Teaching for our undergraduate programmes, with particular responsibility for Y1/2. I teach Image Processing and Deep Learning (EEEM063), and Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (EEE3032).

I'm a member of the EPSRC ICT Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) and UKRI Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board (PAB).

Recent Updates

  • PhD  Congratulations to both Mat Trumble and Tu Bui for defending their PhDs on Deep Learning for Human Performance Capture and Large Scale Sketch based Visual Search.
  • Talk   Keynote at VISART workshop (ECCV 2018) on modelling style and aesthetics for visual search and in-painting.
  • Paper  Two papers on deep learning for volumetric / 4D human performance capture accepted to ECCV 2018.
  • Paper  Paper on Disentangling Structure and Aesthetics for Content-aware Image Completion accepted to CVPR 2018.
  • Talk   Keynote at CMP/CTU Prague at 42nd Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Colloquium.
  • Talk   Keynote on Sketch based image and video retrieval at ACM DocEng 2017.
  • Paper  Visual search using sketched queries and visual style demoed at Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas (BBC Coverage).
  • Paper  Two papers accepted at ICCV 2017 on Analysis of Visual Style and Sketch based Visual Search with Aesthetic Context.
  • Funding  EPSRC grant awarded (£0.4m, CI): Project CoMEHeRe, deep learning over medical data from wearable biosensors e.g. FitBit.
  • Funding  EPSRC grant awarded (£0.5m, PI Surrey): Project ARCHANGEL, on vision/machine learning and blockchain to secure archives.
  • Prize  Google/Youtube prize for best student paper awarded to Matthew Trumble at CVMP 2016, for work on deep learning for human pose estimation, at London BFI.
  • Prize  Delighted to receive the University of Surrey's Annual Tony Jeans Inspirational Teaching Prize (voted by students).
  • Funding  EPSRC grant awarded (£1.06m, PI): Project TAPESTRY, on DLT/Deep Learning over Social Media for Identity Assurance.
  • Funding  InnovateUK grant awarded (£0.7m, PI Surrey): Project TOTAL CAPTURE, on next generation performance capture for VR/AR.
  • Talk   Keynote on Sketch based image and video retrieval at BMVA Sketch-X workshop (repeated as Whitehead Lecture, Goldsmiths).
  • Paper  ICCV 2015 paper and demo on Scalable Sketch based Image Retrieval (12m+ image search), in Santiago Chile. Demo available on Google Play!
  • Prize  Google/Youtube prize for best student paper awarded to Charles Gray at CVMP 2015, for work on Scalable Video Concept Detection, at London BFI.
  • Funding  InnovateUK SMART grant awarded on Video Anomoly Detection with Root6 (PI).
  • PhD  Congratulations to Stuart James, defended his PhD on Visual Narratives for Sketch based Search of Video.
  • Paper  SIGGRAPH 2015 presentation of our work on re-targetting animation from mo-cap skeletons to 4D performance capture, in LA.
  • Paper  Eurographics 2015 presentation our joint research with Adobe Systems on Comprehensible Video Thumbnails, in Zurich.
  • Talk   Keynote at G3: Galvanising Guildford Games, on Next-Gen Performance Capture and its impact to the Games industry.
  • PhD  Welcome to two new PhD students: Mat Trumble and Tu Bui working on deep learning for animation re-targetting and sketch based image retrieval.