I am taking PhD students and if you are interested in doing a PhD with me then please email me (D.Lloyd@surrey.ac.uk). I list below some possible projects but others are possible. Please also see my publications list.

Mathematical Criminology
Modelling and forecasting of crime and various criminology theories remain a hot topic; see for instance; pdf. PhD topics typically include a mixture of data analysis, modelling and dynamical systems tools and are ideal with students who like multidisciplinary problems. Possible topics could be:
1. Modelling and data analysis of the criminal court system
2. Modelling and data analysis of social learning theories
3. Modelling crime escalation

Nonlinear Patterns
Localised structures can occur in a wide range of physical (fluid mechanics), and biological (vegetation patterns) problems. Recent publications can be found here:
  • DJ Hill, DJB Lloyd, MR Turner, Localised Radial Patterns on the Free Surface of a Ferrofluid, Submitted (2020), pdf.
  • DJB Lloyd, Invasion Fronts Outside the Homoclinic Snaking Region in the Planar Swift-Hohenberg Equation. SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 18(4), 1892–1933 (2019), pdf.
PhD topics typically include a mixture of numerical and analytical dynamical systems methods. Possible topics could be:
1. Grain boundaries near the singular limit
2. Localised patterns in fluid systems

I provide a supportive and inclusive environment where I meet regularly with students to discuss topics and problems as they arise. My aim is to help students develop into independent, confident thinkers. I enjoy working with self-motivated and enthusiastic people.