Dave Fishlock

Who is he ?

Dave joined the University in september 1979 as a trainee technician. After a couple of years touring various labs within the Department, he was sentenced to a life in the Teaching Labs, working firstly in the first year lab. During this time he studied at Guildford Technical College for an HNC in Electronics, which he received in 1984.

Dave is now the Senior Undergraduate Teaching Lab Technician, with overall responsibility for all 4 teaching Labs,as well as his own lab (Power / RF)

His other departmental duties include Unsupported MIS workstations, Department Select software representative, Departmental General risk assesor, Departmental BBQ cook, and most demanding of all, organiser of the Christmas Lunch seating plan.


Dave has no interest whatsoever in electronics and computing outside working hours.

He spends his time running the 1st Busbridge Scout Troop in Godalming,

restoring an old Fire Engine

as well as being a retained member of the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service based at Godalming fire Station

(where else would you get the chance to ride around in big red trucks)

I am also tho proud owner of a Bateson 520 (with twin axle & mesh sides !!!!!!!)


He also likes looking at his Land Rover and wishing that he could afford the petrol to drive it. In his spare time he also enjoys a bit of DIY and being Lindsey's Dad.

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Contacting him

Email d.fishlock@ee.surrey.ac.uk
Office Location 16aAB21 (Room 16a Building AB Level 21)
Internal Telephone ext 9132

Postal Address

Dave Fishlock
School of Electronic Engineering
Information Technology & Mathematics
University of Surrey
Tel (01483) 259132
Fax (01483) 876064

5th October 1994
Visitor since 12:15 03/12/96
Footnote: And here's my daughter Lindsey, who looks a bit like me. Well, obviously a bit better looking..