Dr. Val Kosta
CCSR  University of Surrey

Email: stdjmax@gmail.com
Tel: +44 1483 683036 
Office: Center of Communication System for Research (CCSR)

I received an B.Eng degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering from the University of Cyprus and an M.Sc./ Ph.D in Mobile Communications from the University of Surrey.  I have been actively involved in interference management of multi-cell wireless networks in a number of European projects, e.g. Broadband evolved FEMTO (BeFEMTO), iJOIN, Dumplo. I am currently working as a research scientist in the CCSR at the new 5GIC centre. One of our main targets is to make into reality a number of innovating research concepts.

Areas of interest:

Next Generation Mobile Networks, 5G waveform test and validation GFDM, UFDM, FBMC-IOTA)

Synchronization and Channel estimation

Inter-cell Radio Resource Management (RRM), Energy-efficient RRM, CoMP, MIMO ,

Inter-cell Interference Coordination (ICIC), eICIC, LP-ABS

Link/System-Level Simulations,

Linear/Non Linear Optimization Methods (Linear Transformation techniques, Linear Programming Relaxation, Prime & Dual decomposition, Cut-plane techniques)

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SLS Tutorial

1. 2-D Path Loss Fading (Three/Six sectors)

2. 2-D Shadowing via 2-D convolution function


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Selected Publications which the LTE system-level simulator (SLS) is used

C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, M. Dianati and R. Tafazolli, “Logconvex Inter-cell RRM through Interference Coordination for OFDMA interference-limited systems”, to be submitted to IEEE Communication Letters, Jun 2014.

C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “A distributed method of Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) for multi-cell networks”, IEEE Communication Letters, vol.17, no.6, pp.1144,1147, Jun. 2013. LINK


C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “On Interference Avoidance through Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) based on OFDMA mobile systems”,  IEEE Communication Survey & Tutorials, vol.15, no.3, pp.973,995, Third Quarter 2013.  LINK


C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “An Improved Inter-cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) for OFDMA multi-cell systems”, IEEE 19th European Wireless Conference (EW 2013), Apr 2013. LINK


C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “Distributed Energy-efficient Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) in multi-cell HetNets”, IEEE 77th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Spring Dresden), Jun. 2013. LINK


C. Kosta, B. Hunt, A. Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “A low-complexity distributed Inter-cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) Scheme for the emerging multi-cell HetNets”, IEEE 76th Vehicular Technology Conference  (VTC-Fall Quebec), Sep. 2012. LINK 


C. Kosta, A. Imran, A.Quddus, and R. Tafazolli, “Flexible Soft Frequency Reuse schemes for heterogeneous networks (macrocell and femtocell)”, 2011 IEEE 73rd VTC Spring, May 2011. LINK


C. Kosta, T. Sodunke, M. Shateri, and R.Tafazolli, “Two-stage call admission control policy for LTE systems”, In Proceedings of the 6th international IWCMC, vol., no., pp.1-5, Jul. 2010. LINK